Advanced poses require a lot of strength, flexibility and balance. You experience pain as your body stretches, twists, turns and struggles at times to get to the desired pose. When you experience pain, stay there and flow your consciousness to the areas of pain. As you deeply go into the pain, you observe that the pain reduces, your body starts moving slowly into stable position. You might also observe that a portion of the pain is not even real, it is just your body’s resistance to the pain it expects to encounter. If you consciously try and breathe normally, allowing your body to work its way through, you will find that the pain starts to reduce, your body starts to get into position steadily, and a sense of pleasantness encompasses you. If you have come through this process into an asana, you have started to break across your pain barrier and experience calm beyond it. Not only does this help your asana practice, it also helps you in life situations. You can learn to look at painful moments in great depth and weed out unreal pain from real pain, and start working peacefully with the real pain to go beyond it.