Daily Mysore Ashtanga Class

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For experienced Mysore Ashtanga practitioners

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Daily Class

For beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Daily practice. Mysore Style Ashtanga. Vipassana.

Morning (5:30am to 8:30am) and Evening (6pm to 8pm) Classes.

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Teacher Training

For serious practitioners.  For deeper learning.

Rigorous syllabus. 

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Mysore Ashtanga and Vipassana

Samyama Academy of Yoga is dedicated to providing an authentic individualized yoga learning environment to its students. The academy strives to inculcate understanding and experience of the various aspects of yoga practice in its students to help them learn and grow.

“Practice and perseverance are the cornerstones of deep learning. You don’t need a teacher or class if you can persevere on your own. Every one should build the courage and confidence to persevere on their own”

Gowrisha Hosakere, Founder

Our Teachers

Gowrisha Hosakere

Gowrisha Hosakere

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Smitha Patvardhan

Smitha Patvardhan

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Our Reviews

I stayed 3 month in Samyama to do the ashtanga yoga Teacher Training Course and it was an amazing experience. The syllabus brings you into the understanding of the body in each asana, of sacred texts, the practice of kriyas, pranayama, meditation, and gives you the great oportunity of leading several classes in front of the students! 
In three month , my personal practice has improved like never before. I highly recommend this school for the teacher : Gowrisha has a true knowledge in the science of yoga. His adjustments are very professional and respecful, his teachings goes beyond the asana pracrice but embraces the all philosophy. 
++ amazing beautiful motivating and confortable studio !!

Juliette Crouïgneau


“I have been practicing yoga here for a little over2 years now. The daily practice under the guidance of gowrisha sir have improved my yoga poses to be strong and benificial. The place has a good vibe , calm , conducive and a the tree for a view makes it even better!!”

Karthik Seetharam

“I stayed 3 month practicing in samyama and my practice has completely changed. I have rediscovered my body and had a lot of new sensations in my understanding of the practice. It was a pleasure to practice in this scool, with a very good teacher in a very beautiful studio !

Thank you for sharing this wonderfull philosophy of yoga!”

Antton Iru'

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