The location – Basavanagudi!


 I believe, having traveled several cities in the world (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Shanghai, Paris, London, Munich, Milan, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam to name a few), that the Bangalore with its blend of tradition and modern compares with the best/safest places to live and experience the magic of a thriving civilization that lives across centuries at the same time and place.Refer to the following links for some basic information on Bangalore. In short, Bangalore is considered the best city in India for living, both for expats (from a expat community and the cosmopolitan culture perspective) and for Indians (cosmopolitan).

Basavanagudi, the area where Samyama is located, represents a microcosm of Bangalore and is among the oldest areas in the city. Refer Wiki page information on the area.

Samyama studio is located close to one end of DVG Road in Basavanagudi.

The Studio

The purpose-built studio is on the 3rd Floor and away from the noise. The 2500 sq.ft facility contains

  • 1500 sq.ft exclusive yoga hall with all yoga accessories
  • A general resting area with bunk-bed
  • Lounge area and general seating/dining area
  • Microwave, Cook-top, Water-purifier, Fridge, Coffee maker, Mixer
  • Modern shower / restroom
  • Changing rooms

Accommodation for a limited number of students can be provided at Samyama. Accommodation will be chargeable at $200 per month (Rs.13,000). Food will not be provided. Samyama can help arrange for catering in case of need, and students will need to directly pay the chosen vendor for their services.