Samyama Academy of Yoga intends to inspire people to experience and deepen their inner journey through the practice and understanding of Yoga.


Samyama Academy of Yoga was founded to share and inculcate the path of practice and perseverance among its students. Focus, perseverance and a strong will for peace form the core of the classes at Samyama.

About Samyama Academy of Yoga

Samyama Academy of Yoga is dedicated to providing a traditional authentic yoga learning environment to its students. The academy strives to inculcate understanding and experience of the various aspects of yoga practice in our students to help them learn, and eventually share their learning with other such students. The academy is committed to the teachings of Buddha through practicing acceptance, non-violence and compassion for all beings in all our classes and to the teachings of Patanjali through dedicated and relentless practice of Yoga.

Samyama believes that every human being has taken form to make progress along the lines of peace and happiness and it is only the lack of commitment to understand the self and a lack of determination to remember/replenish the right understanding at key decision moments that cause confusion and suffering. Samyama intends to create an atmosphere of learning and sharing where students can focus intensely on their body-mind complex and make conscious progress.