My first conversation with Sharath Jois was a dampener to my spirits. It helped me understand my place firmly. In that conversation, I mentioned to Sharath that I had learnt some yoga and could do asanas etc., and Sharath responded by saying he will treat me as a beginner as his style of yoga was intense. At first hearing, I felt insulted because I had assumed that I knew some yoga. However, knowing that Sharath himself was a recognized expert, and wanting to learn from him – I responded to his comment with silence. The feeling that I was slighted lingered till I met him and attended his class in person In Mysore late 2014. Sharath’s comment was spot on. I came face to face with the fact that I knew nothing, and that started my journey of increased focus and practice. I used to practice at home with BKS book trying to learn yoga and attending KPJAYI under Sharath was the best thing that could happen to me. The style of teaching of the KPJAYI system that allows you to add asanas seamlessly as you learn initiates a strong practice. Sharath himself as a personality has been a pleasure to interact with. I have great respect for his personal practice that sees him waking up at 1am and for his commitment to maintaining and continuing the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition that his grandfather K Pattabhi Jois pioneered. I also have respect for his continuation of his grandfather’s legacy as closely as possible.