While I have tried to find more about Patanjali’s life, I have failed to do so as there seems to be little known about his personal life through stories / anecdotes. Through his teachings, it feels to me that he was minimalist in general and extremely deep in his understanding of topics of his interest. The Yoga Sutras have been guiding my thought process, though I should admit that I am unable to understand much beyond the first 100 verses. I have taken the name of my school after the word –Samyama (perfect discipline, perfect concentration) – as I feel discipline and practice are the most important ingredients of creating progress. I often quote his ‘Yoga Chittha Vrtthi Nirodhaha’ when people ask me what yoga is or can be as I feel the current casting of yoga to be a physical exercise regimen could not be further from the truth. His framework for Ashtanga Yoga and methodical explanation of the workings of the mind and the challenges of practitioners resonate with me and help me stay my course.