I had heard about BKS Iyengar even as I was learning yoga with a teacher in Bangalore. However, I had limited myself to attending classes and learning what was taught. I hadn’t embraced yoga at that time. I had asthma and issues with my knee and had heard that yoga can help solve or at least regulate these problems for me. In 2013, I decided to quit the IT industry and attend a yoga certification program in Rishikesh. When at Rishikesh, a fellow student of the course showed me the ‘Light on Yoga’ book. I recollected that I had seen the book at my parents’ place. The book motivated me to pursue the practice more intensely and purposefully than the practice in the certification course. And so my journey with BKS Iyengar started, through reading his masterpiece – the Bible for Yoga. The book inspired me to practice on my own and provided me with all the tools that I would require to create a self-practice. For several months after returning from Rishikesh, I would find myself sifting through the book and practicing working on my body for a few hours every day. The personal experience of BKS shines through in the book and I found his words inspiring. The poses themselves are works of art; perfect and inspiring. Also, everything seemed practical, real and possible. My practice and my journey would not have been possible but for BKS’ dedication to sharing his knowledge with the world and I have deep regard towards him for the same.