Choosing an optimal intake of food is key to developing and sustaining your lifestyle. Ahara literally means nutriment or food. In the context of yoga, all senses accept and consume food. Our eyes see the world, our ears hear the world and so on. Ahara is everything you perceive, everything your senses consume. Ahara, in that sense, is simply everything in your world that your senses perceive and consume, from gross foods to subtle foods. It is upto you to consume what is appropriate for the outcomes that you wish for your life. The more you wish peace, harmony, balance and bliss in your life, the more you should tune your system to receive nutrition (gross food, the things you see/perceive, the words you utter/hear, the environment you touch/feel) that maximizes your chances of realizing your intended outcomes. Evolving and consciously integrating your intake with your understanding of your life helps you make the right choices that support your nature and potential.